Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 Real-World Events Announced

There’s a number of real-life Pokemon GO events coming this summer. Niantic has announced new Safari Zones, as well as a new Pokemon GO Fest. So far, we have details on the Safari Zone in Dortmund, and the Pokemon GO fest, once again taking place in Chicago. Perhaps there’ll be even more announcements to come as summer rolls along.

Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 Real-World Events Announced
Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 Real-World Events Announced

So, Niantic is continuing with the whole shtick of large real-world Pokemon GO events. Like last year, they’re planing several events for this summer. This will include a Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany, and another Safari in Yokosuka, Japan, later on in the summer. They’re even going to give the Pokemon GO Fest idea another swing, again in Chicago, which is certainly bold and optimistic. If you need a reminder, their previous attempt at a live event on such a large scale ended in disaster. Pretty much nothing worked as it was supposed to, leaving a lot of trainers that came out to Chicago with a very bitter taste in their mouths.

All that’s in the past, of course, and Niantic is looking off into the future. So, what exactly do they have in store for this summer. Well, the Pokemon GO Fest, this time called A Walk in the Park, will once again take place in Chicago, from July 14th to July 15th. More specifically, in the historic Lincoln Park in Chicago. Niantic promises that the “1.8-mile walking course” of the park will “include exclusive activities for Trainers of all ages.” Single-day passes for the event will go up for sale on May 11th on the event’s website, and they’ll be going for $20 a pop.

As for the Safari Zone in Dortmund, it will take place from June 30th to July 1st in Westfalenpark. Apparently, activities will eventually spread all across the city district of Dortmund. More importantly, it seems that the Safari Zone in Dortmund will be an event open to all, unlike the Pokemon GO fest. For more info, you can check out this event’s website, too.

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