Fortnite BR Hidden Gnome Locations - Week 7 Challenge

Search the hidden gnome in different named locations is a new weekly challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. It requires you to find seven garden gnomes in different places across the map. You might have trouble uncovering their hiding places – they’re tiny, and don’t really stand out much. If that’s the case, be sure to scroll down and check out our Fortnite BR hidden gnome locations guide.

fortnite br hidden gnome locations
Fortnite BR Hidden Gnome Locations

Before you start, there’s one thing you should know: the gnomes emit a creepy laughter when you’re near. So if you hear vile snickering while exploring a location, you can be sure that’s a gnome.

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Search the Hidden Gnome in Different Named Locations

The first one we found was in Junk Junction. He’s in the big building in the middle of the area, hidden in a corner by the bathroom. He’s by the same wall the vending machine is next to, only on the other side.

We discovered another one in Lucky Landing. The bastard was hiding out in the building in the northeast corner of the zone. He was in the bathroom, behind the bathtub.

If you’re in Anarchy Acres (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can look for a hidden gnome in the large farmhouse in the north of the area. As you enter, turn left and go into the living room. The gnome is behind the ancient television set.

In keeping with the farming theme, you’ll find another at Fatal Fields. There’s a dilapidated shack next to the two silos in the south of the area. Land there, and look for a haystack. Whack it with your pickaxe, and you’ll uncover the gnome.

There’s also one in Salty Springs. There’s a big, ruined house on the south side of the road – the one that had a tree fall on it. Go inside and look under the staircase.

Everyone’s favorite pizza place is home to yet another gnarly gnome. Go to Tomato Town, and enter the pizza place from the back. Turn right, and go through the door, into the office. It will be in the left corner, behind the desk.

There’s a greasy gnome in the Greasy Grove, too. When you land, head into the fast food joint. Go directly into the washroom, to the right of the counter with the cash registers, and look for it in the corner on the left.

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  1. J
    Justin de ruyter

    There is also a gnome in dusty depot its in the most south hangar behind a crate underneath a shelf

  2. E

    Another one at lonely lodge to the east of the main lodge in a small hut. Found it while searching for the 7 chests (another mission)

  3. T

    There is also a gnome in a very well hidden spot in loot lake. On the centre island, underneath the house there are some wooden structures, destroy them to find a gnome 🙂

  4. L

    Pleasant Park

    One of the North houses

    Behind a wheeled crate in garage

  5. S

    Another one at Snobby Shores at the very South house, in the secret bottom floor, in the bathroom. Hiding behind the bathtub.

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