Fortnite How to Tell If Someone Is a Bot

How to tell if someone is a bot in Fortnite is one of the most frequently asked questions about the game at the moment. Bots were just introduced yesterday, with the start of Chapter 2 Season 1, and everyone’s become real paranoid about it. There’s a bunch of speculation around on the subject, with ridiculous rumors spreading around like wildfire. We’re here to put a stop to it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to tell if someone is a bot in Fortnite beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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how to tell if someone is a bot in fortnite
How to Tell If Someone Is a Bot in Fortnite

How to differentiate between bots and bad players in Fortnite?

There’s no definitive method for spotting bots. The only things that are for certain are that they:

  • Can’t drive
  • Can’t appear in human teams
  • Can’t be spectated
These three facts were shared by Epic in a blog post, so you can rely on that. It’s not much, but whenever you see someone driving a vehicle, you can be certain they’re a real person. Also, if at least one player in a squad or duo is human, the rest will be too – bots only play in bot teams. The last method isn’t all that useful, as you can only rely on it once you die, but you cannot spectate a bot. If the game lets you spectate the player who murdered you, they’re real. If it transfers you onto someone else, then the one that got you was, in fact, an AI player.

Everything else you might hear about how to spot bots is just speculation, and most of it is hot air. A lot of folks claim they’re easy to figure out because they build less and have bad aim, but I hate building and have terrible aim, and I’m sure not a bot. Some like to thing you can tell by the skins, but it’s been proven that bots can use a variety of skins. Also, a number of folks insist the bots will have stupid names ending with numbers, and those folks are usually called Vegito313 or something along those lines.

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  1. T

    This is incorrect. There are bots on the human squads and if Epic claim otherwise then they are lying. By my own estimate at least half of random lobby squads have bots in them, and I am stunned nobody is talking about this. Even the naming scheme for the bot ‘players’ is entirely predictable and shows patterns of programming. Watch for 2 squad members on your team who do not speak, even if they show the mic icon, and when the storm circle starts shrinking, they will often face outwards and engage in new battles that get them stuck in the storm. When they are knocked in battle by other players, they do not leave instantly like most human fortnite players do, but instead wait down about 2/3 of the time, in the hope of you collecting their card, even when their card is in a completely unsurvivable location inside the storm. They are bots, and they are on human squads. People need to talk about this, because it’s spoiling the game.

    1. N

      I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. I had 3 bots in my squad. Of course, I’m not a great player. But playing with great players made me better— and I’m still getting better. This was a sh*t move by fortnite, in order to baby people who didn’t put in the time and effort. If they wanted these people to get help, create a mode where they can do bots. But, don’t impede amongst the rest of us. Better yet, these people can get better by not just doing the traditional fortnite modes (you getting killed, will make you better— pay attention) but in Team Rumble or in Creative with friends. One of the bots I just had in my squad: TexasTemplar777 was the last bot remaining. The others stood back on Islands we passed, waiting for the storm to consume them. This is a SH*T move by fortnite. I play fortnite to play with actual people— not bots.

    2. Q

      You sound crazy. So you’re saying just because someone chooses not to talk their automatically labeled as a bot?! That’s absurd! I play Fortnite and I sometimes have my mic in but don’t talk because I chose not to talk… I’m getting kinda tired of ppl saying I’m a bot because I’m choosing not to talk. You all sound crazy.

      1. S

        I completely agree. I have a mic but choose not to talk because I don’t like talking to random people online.

    3. S

      you are an idiot.. you have just described me, i have mic, but i dont talk..and also i dont leave and on squads hope that someone from the team wil pick up my card, pretty sure that they are others like me who dont talk and dont leave right after they have been shot, and i hate those players who dont have patience and dont trust the team to collect the reboot card

    4. S

      There are never any bots in your squad as epic games would not implement a not fair enviroment to play in it might feel like your team is al bots but thats just them being bad. If you want to differenciate between a human and a bot player is that:
      Bots turn their head right tomtheposition they want to go very accuratly
      When you killed a bot they will have max ammo in all its weapons even if they shot

    5. A
      Ani boi

      You are stupid. There is absolutely no point for epic to lie about this. Have you ever considered that your teammate is just a terrible player. I believe that you have no idea what you are talking about. I’m pretty sure that epic updated and now I can spectate an AI, I have even tested this.

  2. J
    jason garneau

    i can actually spectate bots idk abt u guys i play on the auto server and the bots are rlly hard to kill SOMETIMES

  3. K

    The “No Spectating” rule is also a lie. I’ve been killed by a bot and then watched it fight another bot to a stalemate for 5 minutes. They shoot around each other, forget each other, start mining, and discover each other again. But never kill each other. I’ve also seen bots win matches. They just stand there and don’t emote or run.

  4. O

    I use my first PSN I created, its got a “bot name” with numbers at the end. I wait for reboot in quads games. The more people you have final circle, the better off your team is. I think people are just going overboard about the bots. Its obvious when you come across them, nothing they do makes sense, they run in circles out in the open and just let you shoot them, they dont pick up any drops, and they dont have to reload. I had one trying to shoot me endlessly through a non destructable pole at an E.G.O. outpost, I know how much ammo an SMG has, and it was long enough of continuous shooting, my squad had time to come about 100m to come see.

  5. Y

    There’s a other way to tell there’s a bot when ur on the spawn island sometimes u can see ppl do emotes if u try to do emotes with them they ignore and just stay standing emoting

  6. E

    They also drop different items then they are using. I’ve gone through replays and seen them using scars, but they don’t drop scars.

  7. N
    Nervous XBL

    Honestly I don’t get into games with bots

    1. N

      Well I do,a lot of times .I even played with one yesterday LOL

  8. F

    If somebody does not have the mic icon, if they stop while trying to pick up items, and stop moving while trying to attack or pickaxe swing they are bots .

  9. R

    Don’t be absurd, we never talk and always have the mic in.
    As far as players being bots if they act odd, well try playing with crappy internet, it opens a whole new level of difficulty!

  10. J

    The best way to tell if they are a bot is standing alone not dancing, don’t pick up things, only have a gun or two, head turned while running and if you get killed they will turn fast and turn back while running and repeat. I laugh every time they do. The name thing is hard to figure out. Have fun playing!

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