Is Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite

Few manga and anime have been as successful or as popular as Attack on Titan. Taking place in a strange world where humanity is under attack from bloodthirsty giants called Titans, the series has been hailed for its exciting action and gripping narrative. Lately, rumors have started to circulate that there is going to be some sort of crossover between AoT and Fortnite. But is this really the case? In this guide, we are going to answer the question of is Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite?

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Is Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite Attack on Titan Possible Leaks

Fortnite is no stranger to all sorts of crossovers and collaborations. Just recently, Spider-Man character Prowler has made his way to the game, as have many other comic-book and even real-life celebrities such as Ninja and Travis Scott. While anime tie-ins with the game are rarer, they still do happen – we all remember the big Naruto crossover in November of last year. As such, it wouldn’t be too out of place for Attack on Titan to similarly get featured in Fortnite in some way or another.

The rumors concerning AoT started due to a leak. Prominent Fortnite leaker Shiina recently unveiled the background for encrypted skins which are codenamed “Rumble”. Now, while this probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone not familiar with the Attack on Titan anime and manga, the Rumble is a very important event that is currently underway in the show. We don’t want to spoil too much here for anyone that hasn’t seen the anime yet, but it is very exciting.

Because of this, fans are speculating that the AoT skins are going to feature Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. These two characters can be considered the protagonists of AoT (along with Armin Arlelt), so if a cross-over is in the works, it’s a pretty safe bet that they are going to be featured. And that’s everything we currently know about this rumor. We are going to update this guide with new information if and when we find out more.

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