Jumpman Zone Fortnite Complete Trickshot Challenges

The Fortnite Jumpman Zone Trickshot Challenges are special mini-games that you can play and complete in the new map. There are twelve different challenges that you can complete and unlock free rewards for your troubles, all of which are made to celebrate Nike, basically. We’ll explain all you need to know about the ongoing event in our Jumpman Zone Fortnite Complete Trickshot Challenges guide.

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jumpman zone fortnite complete trickshot challenges
Jumpman Zone Fortnite Complete Trickshot Challenges

Where is Jumpman Zone Fortnite

The Fortnite Jumpman Zone in which you complete the Trickshot Challenges is technically not a place on the Fortnite map that you can just go to. Instead, after you launch the game, select the “Creative” mode, and then click “Change.” In this next menu, press “Play” and select “Island Code.” Input the code 5519-3138-2454 and click launch to start this new mode. By the way, the creators of this thing are Enigma and Dummblond from Paradox Buildcreators. Just think that we should give them the proper credit. Anyways, there are six portals on the Jumpman Zone, which will take you “through a scavenger hunt and then on to complete quests,” according to the official announcement. That brings us to our next point.

Fortnite Complete Trickshot Challenges & Unlock Free Rewards

To complete the Trickshot Challenge s and unlock the free rewards in the Fortnite Jumpman Zone, you just have to go through these portals and play the mini-games in there. There’s no special recipe for success there; you simply have to go at it. One thing we do have to note is that the majority of the cosmetic rewards are only for those that purchase the new Jumpman skin. Those without the skin can still get all of the rewards, the only catch is that you won’t be able to display them. Then again, if you complete all twelve Trickshot Challenges, you get to unlock the MVP Room that contains even harder challenges, so if people see you there, they’ll know you’re good regardless of the skin you’re wearing.

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