Fortnite BR Moisty Mire Chest Locations

Moisty Mire chests are loot containers in Fortnite Battle Royale. They drop weapons, potions, ammo and other supplies. The area is on the outskirts of the map, in the southeastern corner. One of the weekly Battlepass challenges involves opening up a number of these chests. That’s why we’ve written this Fortnite BR Moisty Mire chest locations guide.

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Search chests in Moisty Mire

There’s a large tree on a hill in the north of the swamp. Three chests can spawn around it, so it’s as good a place to land as any. If you’re lucky, you’ll be done with half the challenge in one match. If you head a bit southeast from there, you’ll notice an overturned icecream truck. Another chest should be on top of it.

Keep on heading southeast, and you’ll notice a wooden shack outside the marsh. Go inside and into the basement. You’ll find a chest below the stairs. The next one is in the tree house in the middle of the swamp, on the north side of the movie set. Climb to the roof, and you’ll find it next to the tree.

You can find a chest on a boat in the swamp, east of the tree-house, too. If you head to the northern part of the swamp, there’s also a spawn point next to the northeasternmost tree.

If you go to the area where the crashed helicopter is at the film set, you’ll find one chest on a blue lifting platform, west of the chopper. If you continue on west, towards the cantina, you might find one in the back of the large truck.

Climb the stairs to the upper floor of the big building at the north of the set, and you’ll find a dining table set for two. There should be a chest on it. Then head out and go to the parking lot in the northwest of the set, and look for a chest in a truck.

You can head to the cantina in the west of the set if you want another chest. It should be on the fridge in the back room. The part of the set with the chopper is also home to several chests. One of them can appear at other side of the chopper’s backdrop, all the way on the top.

The other chest close to the chopper is actually literally next to it, in the hollowed-out tree trunk up on the ledge. The last chest we found was in the middle of the film set, by the giant tree, in front of the bunch of log benches.


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