Fortnite BR New Solo Kill Record Achieved During Missile Event

The record for most solo kills in Fortnite Battle Royale is now in the hands of a player that many would consider to be quite the griefer. As almost fifty other players were standing on top of a very tall ramp that they’ve built to watch the launch of the rocket, he came along and cut the ramp down, sending forty-eight people to their doom.

Fortnite BR New Solo Kill Record Achieved During Missile Event
Fortnite BR New Solo Kill Record Achieved During Missile Event

Some of the cooler moments in Fortnite for me are those moments when players set aside their murderous intents to work together towards a goal. One of the examples that comes to mind was that one time when everybody teamed up to completely cover Dusty Divot, with bodyguards protecting them from griefers. The other time was when there was a weekly challenge where players had to dance together to bring the disco ball up. The more recent example is when forty-eight players built a huge ramp, from which they watched the rocket launch during the Missile Event.

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How do I know that there were forty-eight of them? Because a player going by the name of Elemental_Ray seized the opportunity and cut down the ramp everyone had been standing on. They all plummeted do their deaths, and Ray earned almost fifty kills in one fell swoop. You can observe the carnage in the video below. That is the new record for solo kills in Fortnite, and without a similar set of circumstances, I’m certain the record is going to stick for a good, long while. Elemental_Ray suffered the same fate seconds after the massacre, if that’s a consolation to anybody.

Needless to say, many people from the Fortnite community have been less than delighted about Ray’s display. Many accuse him of griefing and cheating and just general unsportsmanlike conduct. Which, to be fair, is kinda legit. However, there are also people that are defending Ray, saying that, given the nature of Fortnite, his actions were perfectly within the rules. And, sure, they were. But, still, that’s no reason to ruin everybody’s fun.

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