Fortnite BR Missile Event Opened a Dimensional Breach in Lonely Lodge

This last Saturday saw a unique event take place in Fortnite Battle Royale. After a week or so of dropping bread crumbs across the map, the developers at Epic games launched the giant missile from the villan lair by Snobby Shores. The rocket was going towards Tilted Towers, but then it bounced and ended up cracking the sky. Don’t ask. However, that’s not the only effect it had, and some of the side effects are just as interesting.

fortnite br lonely lodge dimensional breach
Fortnite BR Missile Event Opened a Dimensional Breach in Lonely Lodge

One of the booster rockets the missile shed on its way up ended in Anarcy Acres, and you can go visit it. However, what’s more interesting is what looks like a small dimensional breach that opened up at Lonely Lodge. At first it was just a smidge, like a trill in the air that distorts the surroundings when you look at it. It ended up growing in size during the weekend, and now it looks properly menacing. It emits a strange sound when you approach it, but there’s no way to interact with it.

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When it grew, it swallowed up the big sign in front of the lodge, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Regardless of whether it devours the lodge itself next, or the camping vans in the parking lot, it almost certainly won’t stop expanding. Nothing major will probably happen before the season is over, but this is definitely one of the places to keep an eye on when season 5 comes around.

In the meantime, it would be wise to tie up any loose ends you might have with weekly challenges. Week 9 had people looking for the Haunted Hills treasure map, plundering Moisty Mire chests, and more. It looks like Week 10 is going to include Junk Junction chets, as well as searching between movie titles.

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