Open Capsule Corp Capsules Fortnite

Not sure how to get Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythitcs in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event? Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus are now a part of the ever-growing roster of character skins in Fortnite, and they have come with the new Dragon Ball-themed Mythic weapons in Fortnite, the Kamehameha and Nimbus Clouds. In order to get them, you will need to find and open Capsule Corp Capsules. In this guide, we pinpoint all Capsule Corp Capsules locations in Fortnite.

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Open Capsule Corp Capsules Fortnite
Where are Capsule Corp Capsules Locations Fortnite?

Where to Find Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite

One of the biggest anime crossovers in the history of Fornite has just kicked off with the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed event. The latest crossover brings many legendary Dragon Ball characters in the battle royale as player skins, as well as a host of other Dragon Ball cosmetics. However, cosmetics are not the only Dragon Ball items in the game. Namely, there are a couple of weapons from the Dragon Ball universe as well. The Kamehameha and Nimbus Clouds Mythic weapons can be obtained from Bulma once you find and talk to her in the Kame House.

However, before that, you’ll need to find and open Capsule Corp Capsules. They have no specific location. Rather, they fall from the sky during the whole duration of a match, at completely random locations. Luckily, you will be able to easily track them down via your map, but you will need to wait for them to fall down before being able to interact with them. Once they fall down, simply approach them and press “E” to interact with them and collect the goodies. Be careful, though, as other players will want to put their hands on them as well. Thus, be ready to fight once you get near one of the Capsule Corp Capsules locations in Fortnite.

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