Fortnite BR Patch V3.6 Lets Squadmates Spawn Closer To Each Other

You know that awful feeling in Fortnite, when you spawn far away from your squadmates on the starting island? So you can’t have dance-offs before the match, or try to jump on each others heads, or just shoot the AFK player with a fancier skin than yours? Well, that’s going to be a thing of the past real soon. Like, tomorrow. Patch 3.6 is going live this week, and it’s going to shake things up a bit. Epic have revealed all the upcoming changes in a blog post, and we were nice enough to ingest, digest and throw them up for you, like a big, grotesque mama bird. You’re welcome.

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fortnite patch v3.6
Fortnite Patch V3.6 Lets Squadmates Spawn Closer To Each Other

Apart from the spawning near each other thing, which is obviously the most important one, there are several hefty changes and additions. If you want the full nitty-gritty, check out the full patch notes. Still here? Good. The biggest addition is the Clinger, which is just a fancy name for a sticky bomb. It’s an explosive device attached to a plunger. You throw it at people, it sticks to them, then explodes. While we’re on the subject of explosives, you’ll find remote ones far less often (something like 40% less often).

When it comes to changes, the minigun is getting a facelift. Expect 10% more accuracy, 10% less recoil, and a smidgen of additional damage. It’s a pretty useless weapon as is, good only for making new players poop their pants. Hopefully this makes it viable. Supply drops are also getting reworked – their health is being tweaked, and they’re going to spawn higher and fall faster. Equally excitingly, short fences will no longer stop you from building. Of course, there’s also the usual plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements, which will hopefully make the game run better.

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