Witch's House Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution in God of War

The Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest is a puzzle you can solve in God of War. It requires you to have the Winds of Hel ability, which you get in Helheim. You then have to go back to the Witch’s House. Then, you have to transport the wind in a specific way. It can get a little annoying, so here’s how to solve the Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest puzzle in God of War.

Witch's House Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution in God of War
Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution in God of War

How to Open God of War Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest?

To open the God of War Nornir Rune Chest outside of the Witch’s House, you’ll have to activate it by transporting the Winds of Hel across to it. Then, you still have to activate the correct runes. To reach the Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest from anywhere, you can simply go to the Witch’s Cave Mystic Gate, ride the elevator up, and then climb into the garden through the well. Keep in mind, you can’t solve this until you come back from Helheim. Also, don’t forget that the cave itself is hiding a Horn of Blood Mead chest.

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The first step is to go around the turtle on the left until you reach a stone “archway”. The active Winds of Hel orb is on the right, so transfer the Winds of Hel onto the left orb. Then, head back and climb up the chain, then go right to the edge of the cliff. Take the Winds of Hel from the stone archway and retrace your steps to the next orb.

Once you activate the aforementioned orb, the runes on it will start rotating. Leave them be for now. Look above, and you’ll notice two runes that you can turn with the Leviathan Axe. The top one should be facing left, and the bottom one should be facing up. Now, focus on the Winds of Hel orb and the rotating runes. Pull out the Winds of Hel when the rune faces downward, then run down the path to the chest, and activate the orb to activate the chest.

The reward we got from opening the Nornir Rune Chest in the Witch’s House area was a Symbol of Heart +1. However, it would appear that you can get an Idunn Apple from this chest. For more guides about this game, check out our list of God of War guides.

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