Play as Thanos in Fortnite - Tips on how to easily capture the Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos is making a guest appearance in Fortnite BR and it is not easy to capture the Infinity Gauntlet required to play as him in the game. In a special crossover event between Fortnite and the Avengers, Thanos is a playable character in the game. In this special mode, people start with the storm already coming. At about 1:55 until the storm closes in, a comet appears and crashes inside the circle. This is the Infinity Gauntlet, and if you are the first one to capture it, you become Thanos. We’ll give you some tips on how to try and more easily be the first to capture the Infinity Gauntlet. There are also some Thanos gameplay tips. We’ll also discuss how to kill Thanos in a fight and be the next God on the game field.

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Play as Thanos in Fortnite - Tips on how to easily capture the Infinity Gauntlet
Play as Thanos in Fortnite – Tips on how to easily capture the Infinity Gauntlet

Easy way to be Thanos in Fortnite BR by capturing the Infinity Gauntlet

The easiest way to become Thanos is to capture the Infinity Gauntlet at the beginning of the game. This special mode starts with the storm already closing in, so all the action happens inside the circle. About 1:55 before the storm closes around the first circle, a comet will appear in the sky. This is the Infinity Gauntlet that will land somewhere inside the circle. Your best bet for being the closest to the drop point is to exit the bus at around the middle of the circle and immediately deploy your parachute. Try and lower your altitude by retracting and redeploying your parachute until you are about halfway to the ground. Watch closely around you at the 1:55 mark to see the entry point of the comet. Your task now is to paraglide in the direction of the comet’s drop point.

In short, hover above the middle of the circle at about half the altitude until the Infinity Gauntlet appears. Paraglide quickly in the direction of the impact point by following the comet trail. You should be among the first that land near the gauntlet and, with some luck, you will be Thanos at that point, with a bunch of players with no armaments around you. Easy kills are best kills.

Fortnite BR Thanos abilities and how to use them

Thanos has three abilities. You can punch stuff with your primary weapon fire button (left mouse click or R2 on PS4). This destroys buildings and one-hit-kills players. You have a ranged laser attack by pressing your zoom button (right mouse click or L2). This is for taking care of those pesky players at range. Lastly, you can jump real high by pressing space or X on your controller. The jump takes a bit of time to charge up, but it launches you to great heights. This way, you can scout for more players to kill. You do that by pressing the fire button while in the air and this will do a ground slam in the direction you are looking. Alternatively, you can use the zoom button to shoot the laser beam while high up in the air. The jump is great for getting out of a tight spot while being shot at by several players from far away. It is also great for map traversal.

When players start building, use your punch. If the player is out of your melee range, use the beam to obliterate them. If they are far away and building, jump into the air, slam into their building, and then pummel them into submission. The best tip I can give you is to become Thanos late in the game, because that way you will have a good chance of winning.

How to kill Thanos in Fortnite?

Your best bets when trying to kill Thanos are the rocket launcher, minigun, and light machine gun. Thanos has 300 shield and health, and can kill you in two punches. If you deplete his shield and he kills another player, his shield will fully regenerate. The ideal situation would be several players shooting at Thanos from a distance and different directions, and one of you kills him.

If you are one on one against Thanos, the rocket launcher to the face or unleashing a light machine gun volley are most likely to take down both his shield and health. He is a big target, so both the minigun and machine gun, with their high fire rate, can quickly chip away at him. A well-placed shotgun headshot can help a lot in a pinch. Don’t panic and unload the most damage you can in the least amount of time, and you’ll become the next Thanos. Once you kill him, you get launched into the air and do a minor air drop as Thanos. A perfect opportunity to find those campers and send them into another time and space dimension.