Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod & Big Screen - Fortnite BR

Search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod and big screen is one of the week 2 challenges for the season 4 battlepass in Fortnite BR. It’s a treasure hunt – you’ll have to identify the locations of the three landmarks, then look for the star in the triangle between them. If you’re having trouble completing this challenge, keep reading our Fortnite BR scarecrow, pink hotrod & big screen locations guide.

Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod & Big Screen Locations

The big screen is the heftiest hint. The latest update added an open air cinema to the game. It’s called Risky Reels, and it’s in the northeast of the map, west of Wailing Woods. The screen there is pretty big. If you land there and check out the surroundings, you might notice a couple of vehicles on the hill overlooking the theatre. One of them is a pink hotrod – a muscle car with a cooler on the hood. From there, point your gaze towards the forest, and you’ll spot what looks like a bonfire with chairs around it. If you approach it, you’ll see it’s actually a chest, and there’s a scarecrow behind it.

That’s the hard part. Once you’ve found all three landmarks, you need to find the star. The battle star itself is on a small hill in the Risky Reels area, at the southeast edge of quadrant H2. Land in the open-air cinema and bust through the fence next to the long shack on the left of the big screen (you’ll be facing east). Go a bit further east and climb the small hill with the patchy grass. That’s where the battle star collectible is. You might have to wait a bit for it to respawn if somebody has already collected it.

As always, if the stampede of players rushing to complete the challenge proves to be too much for you to handle, give it some time. The challenges will be active until the end of the season, and most players will complete it withing the first few days. That means you’ll have no trouble finding the prize at a later date, without all the bullets whizzing past you.


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