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Search between bench, ice cream truck and helicopter is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete this week 4 season 4 battlepass challenge, you’ll have to find the objects referenced in the hint, then look for a spot between them where the star is hidden. If you don’t play religiously, you might have trouble figuring out where these objects are. Our Fortnite BR search between bench, ice cream truck & helicopter guide will show you where to look.

Bench, ice cream truck, helicopter location

All three objects are in Moisty Mire, the swamp in the southeastern corner of the map. The helicopter is part of the action film set, and it’s one of the new additions brought forth by the season 4 update. The ice cream truck is from last season – you’ll find it overturned, under a tree in the marsh. The bench is at the edge of the swamp, between the movie set and the prison.

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Once you’ve found all three on the map, you’ll have a clear target. The dig spot is in the triangle formed by the them. Indeed, the battle star is smack-dab in the middle of Moisty Mire. If you open the map, you should mark the area just below the T in Moisty Mire. Go to the narrow strip of land northeast of the building complex in the area, in quadrant 9-I. There’s a small ledge there; the battle star should be right there, below the ledge. If you don’t see it there immediately, it could be because someone else picked it up, so wait a little bit.

As always, if you find the place to be too crowded, you could avoid it until later in the week. It’s going to be swamped on the first day, that much is certain. However, it’s not too difficult to complete – when you know the location, you can just land directly there and snatch the star before anyone can get you.

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