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Search Between Playground, Campsite & Footprint is a new weekly challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. Like all other challenges of this kind, it will task you with discovering three vaguely described landmarks, form a triangle from the lines between them, then look for a specific spot in that triangle, where a battle star will await you. Since it can be a bit of a messy job, we’ve decided to help by writing a guide with Fortnite BR playground, campsite & footprint locations.

Playground, campsite & footprint locations

It would seem the clue points to an area in the southwestern corner of the map, between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove. The playground is in the northeastern corner of the latter, right next to the burger joint dominating the area. There are several playgrounds on the map, but we’re pretty certain it’s this one, simply because of the other two landmarks.

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The campsite is also a common occurence – a dozen or so were added back in Season 3, when the comet sightings began. There’s one up on the hill between the two settlements, and it fits the current narrative well.

Finally, the footprint. This is the one that cracks the case wide open – there’s no other like it. If you look at the woods south of the hill, you’ll notice a wrecked house that acts as a movie set, with cameras, rails and equipment all around. If you look it at from the air, you might notice that what wrecked the house left a giant, three-toed footprint in the middle of it.

That takes care of the landmarks, and lets us draw a pretty definitive area where the battle star is going to be hidden. The star itself is in quadrant B6. You’re looking for a small bare patch southwest of Greasy Grove, at the southern foot of the mountain.

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