Fortnite BR Carbide & Omega Poster Locations - Week 6 Challenge

Spray over different Carbide or Omega Posters is a new weekly challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. It involves finding seven of the aforementioned posters, with either of the two characters on them, and vandalize them with your spray. It may sound easy, but the pictures aren’t that easy to find. In case you get stuck before you can complete the challenge, our Fortnite BR Carbide & Omega poster locations guide will help you.

fortnite br spray over different carbide omega posters
Fortnite BR Carbide & Omega Poster Locations – Week 6 Challenge

Spray over different Carbide or Omega Posters

The first poster we found was near Shifty Shafts, in the south of the map. It’s in quadrant E8, next to the orange bridge. Go to the west side of the bridge, then open the door and go down the stairs towards the river. You’ll see the poster on the left wall.

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The second one was near Dusty Divot, in the middle of the map. It was on the mountain in F6, the one that looks like a bunch of clustered pillars. There’s a camp site somewhere near the bottom, and you’ll find the poster on the cliff by the bonfire there.

If you go to the prison near Moisty Mire, in the southeastern corner of the island, you’ll find another poster. It’s in H8, in one of the prison cells of the ruined jail. It’s on the ground floor of one of the cells on the east side, at the edge of the crater.

There’s one in Tilted Towers, too. It’s in the lower quadrant, D6. There’s a set of stairs on the southern edge of the town, that lead you down a dirt path and then the river. If you go down them, take a few steps away from the concrete and turn around. You’ll see the poster on the wall.

The fifth one is near Tomato Town, in G4. It’s in the old tunnel that leads south from Tomato Town and connects it with Dusty Divot and Retail Row. If you approach the tunnel from the south, enter it and go down the right lane. When you see the first maintenance access point, the green metal door in a nook, you should also see the poster next to it.

There’s also one in the vicinity of Pleasant Park, in B4. It’s in the old haunted house, in the forest west of Pleasant Park. Use the eastward-facing door to enter the ground floor, and look to your left to find the poster.

You’ll find one more in the container depot in quadrant H4. It’s the unnamed location in the east of the map, between Tomato Town and Retail Row. To get the poster, you should land in the southwestern corner, then hug the left wall and go north. You’ll notice the poster behind the dumpster, in front of the green metal door.

Then there’s the one in B6, on the hill overlooking Snobby Shores, in the southwestern corner of the island. The hill is a bit southeast from the town, and there’s a single house on top of it. The poster is across the room from the back door.

If you go to Junk Junction, in the northwestern corner of the map, you’ll be able to find another one. It’s in the big building in the middle of the junkyard. Go through the blue door and turn left. You’ll find it on the wall on the other side of the room, next to the shelf with the TV.

The next one is to be found in Greasy Grove, in the southwest of the island. You’ll find it on a wall behind the burger place, fenced-in together with the dumpsters.

The last one we discovered is at Loot Lake. It’s in the house on the island in the middle of the lake. If you go into the house using the door, like a normal person, you should be able to see it as you head to the white staircase, in the corridor at the back.

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