Fortnite BR Search between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella

Search between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella is a new Weekly Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royal for second week of Season 3. You need to find a specific location on the map between the three landmarks. You need to find a glowing Fortnite Battle Royale golden star and collect it to complete the challenge and get 5 Battle Pass points. This challenge is only available to battle pass owners.

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Fortnite BR Search between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella
Kingdom Fortnite BR Search between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella

Where is Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella in Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge

Windmill is at the Anarchy Acres, while the pool is in the rundown motel west of it and the Umbrella is the shape of the quarry also west of Anarchy Acres. The location you are searching for is next to three trees, close to an observation tower. It is couple of meters north of the umbrella shaped quarry. Go close to the most eastward tree and the challenge star should appear and you should be able to pick it up.

This is quite easy if you know where to look, but you would have to know the Fortnite BR map by hearth to recognize all the locations specified in the challenge. I knew the Windmill was at one of the farms, because the damn thing makes a noise once you get close to it and prevents from hearing approaching enemy footsteps. I remembered there was a pool close to the Anarchy Acres at that Motel. Umbrella was giving me trouble, because I don’t remember seeing any building shaped like that. Looking at the map it turns out that rock quarry is shaped like on. All that was left to be done is find the exact spot and took like 5 games to do it, because everyone is landing there and searching for the thing.

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