Fortnite BR Dance in Different Forbidden Locations Weekly Challenge

Dance in Different Forbidden Locations is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s one of the tough nuts, since the game won’t explain exactly where these forbidden locations are. You’ll need to find five of them and do your little dance in order to get the points. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Fortnite BR Dance in Different Locations weekly challenge.

Where to find Forbidden Dance Locations in Fortnite BR?

There are several different forbidden dance locations around the Fortnite map. You’ll know that you found one when you spot the “dance forbidden” sign. To fulfill the challenge requirement, you have to dance in five different forbidden locations. Luckily, there’s more than five locations where dancing is not allowed, so you have plenty of leeway when it comes to that.

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First off, there’s a dancing forbidden sign east of Retail Row, near the coast halfway between Moisty Mire and Lonely Lodge. It’s under the wooden platform near the mansion on the hill.

There’s one in Retail Row itself, in a parking lot in the northeastern part of town, near the diner. Look for it in the grass by the lot.

The next one is at the western shore of Loot Lake, on the edge of the southern pier.

If you go to the storage depot southeast of Tomato Town, you’ll find another sign in the parking lot there. The lot is by the entrance, on the eastern side of the compound.

West of the Wailing Woods and north of Tomato Town, there’s an RV in the middle of a field. The forbidden dancing location is nearby, next to a large rock.

Head west of Pleasant Park and climb to the top of the mountain to reach yet another forbidden dancing location.

The next one is in the middle of Salty Springs, right next to the gas station.

Next up, you can find one right next to the giant metal llama. It’s behind Junk Junction, in the northwestern corner of the map.

There’s a motel northwest of Anarchy Acres. You’ll find the sign by the wall next to the empty pool.

If you’re in Greasy Grove, you can dance by a sign on the western edge of the town, next to a lamp post by the road.

Since the prison northwest of Moisty Mire is everyone’s favorite drop location, you should look for one of the signs there. It’s by the basketball court in the middle of the compound.

If you’re in the vicinity of Fatal Fields, you can look for a sign there. It’s next to the pond in the southern part of the area.

Head to Tilted Towers and find the Taco Shop. There’s a grassy area nearby, where dancing is not allowed. Examine the area around the toilet statue in Flush Factory to find the sign forbidding dancing.

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