Fortnite Search Hidden E Found in Dive Loading Screen

Search hidden E found in Dive loading screen is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to complete enough challenges to unlock the Dive loading screen, then figure out the hint it offers. Once you’ve manage to find out which place the picture is pointing to, you’ll have to go there and find the translucent letter. Once you interact with it, the challenge will be complete. Or you could just follow our Fortnite search hidden E found in Dive loading screen guide, which will show you the exact location.

fortnite dive loading screen
Fortnite Search Hidden E Found in Dive Loading Screen

Where to find hidden E from loading screen?

Take a look at the loading screen. It shows a bunch of folks riding a boat away from what looks like a bridge. It’s actually a dam, the one on the west side of the big lake in the south of the map. If you ignore the explosions – which is, admittedly, hard to do – you might notice the letter E floating above the street lamp.

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Since it’s pretty high up, and relatively inaccessible, your best bet is to land directly onto the lamp post. That would mean you’d have to go there at the beginning of the match, which is good since nobody will have the tools required to grief you while you do it. The downside is you have to be precise – if you miss, you won’t have the materials required to build a ramp leading up there.

The other option is to wait until you’ve geared up and collected a bunch of building materials, so you can craft a ramp, a platform and walls to keep you safe while you interact with the letter. This plan can be foiled by the storm easily – if it moves in a different direction, you won’t be able to complete the task.

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