Fortnite Search Hidden F in New World Loading Screen

Search Hidden F in New World Loading Screen is one of the first battle pass challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. In order to complete it, you’ll have to look for a specific, unique collectible. There’s a hint that will help you figure out where to find it, and it’s on one of the fresh loading screens – the one called New World. It’s not particularly well hidden, but you’ll need to squint a fair bit – it’s tiny and very easy to miss. If that sounds like too much trouble, we’ll just show you where to go in our Fortnite search hidden F in New World loading screen guide.

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fortnite new world loading screen hidden f

Where to find hidden F from loading screen?

The loading screen shows three characters surveying a large chunk of the map from a vantage point. The elusive F is on the right side of the picture, on a hillock near the town. Since the area is new and nobody knows where everything is, even this might not be enough.

The town in question is Lazy Lake, the little place on the north side of the big lake in the south. If you zoom in on the map, you’ll notice a hill to the east of the city, between it and the river. That’s where you’ll find the collectible, floating above a suspicious patch of dirt.

Simply approach the glowing object and interact with it, and you’ll get your weekly check mark. Be prepared to die for it, though – there will no doubt be people waiting to ambush anyone looking to complete the challenge, especially early on in a match. Try to get a weapon first and clear the surrounding area before heading for the goal. Either that, or do your best to be the first to land near it – if you can snatch it before others can equip themselves, you can die peacefully, knowing you did what was asked of you.