Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass - Chapter 2 Season 1 Skins & Rewards

Season 11 of Fortnite Battle Royale actually turned into a whole new chapter. Chapter 2 Season 1 brings a new map, new items, new skins and a new battle pass. Pretty much everything apart from the core of the game has been changed, including the key bindings. A lot of people are stuck at work or in school, wondering what the new battle pass rewards look like. If you’re one of them, this guide will show you all the Fortnite Season 11 battle pass rewards and skins.

fortnite season 11 battle pass chapter 2 season 1
Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass – Chapter 2 Season 1 Skins & Rewards

There are seven new skins in the chapter 2 season 1 battle pass. Two are unlocked at the start: Journey vs Hazard, which looks like a mountaineering set, and Turk vs Riptide, which is kinda like if Tom Clancy’s fisherman and John Carpenter’s fisherman had a baby.

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Then there’s Ripley vs Sludge, which is unlocked at level 20. It’s basically a cutesy snot monster which comes in red and blue variants. At level 40, you’ll unlock Remedy vs Toxin, a new field medic outfit.

Once you hit level 60, you’ll get 8-Ball vs Scratch, a futuristic soldier outfit with a helmet that looks like an 8-ball. Getting the level 80 will net you the Cameo vs Chic, a gaudy outfit with a leopard print top, green hair, purple fingerless gloves and a denim skirt with suspenders.

The final skin, the one unlocked at level 100, is as boring as ever. Yes, it’s a ninja warrior. This time it has a glowing face and hands. It’s still boring, especially after getting, like, one of them in each of the last 27 seasons. Can we please move on and get back to stuff like the evolving viking warrior, or the ghost pirate? The other cosmetics are pretty nice – each pick, glider and backpack looks cool, and a bunch of them can fit in even with the older outfits.

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