Fortnite Season 8 Second Teaser Image Forms Bigger Picture

Epic Games are continuing to drop teasers for the upcoming Season 8 of Fortnite. They’ve posted the second image, which keeps confirming that the new season will revolve around pirates. The picture shows a snake, and text alluding to treasures in caves and monsters or other enemies arriving from the sea. Plus, put this image and the previous one of the pirate hook, and you get a veritable pirate skull.

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Fortnite Season 8 Second Teaser Image Forms Bigger Picture
Fortnite Season 8 Second Teaser Image Forms Bigger Picture

The second teaser for Fortnite Season 8 has come out on all Fortnite social media, like Twitter. It features an image of a snake rearing to attack, as well as the the text: “Sssomething shimmers / Within the cave… / But beware of those / Who arrive on waves.” A fairly logical continuation of the first teaser, which had an image of a pirate hook, and another rhyme mentioning hidden treasure, X marking the spot, you get the idea. Yo-ho-ho, and all that.

Another thing to note is that this teaser image, connected to the previous one, starts to form a literal bigger picture. I wasn’t kidding in the title. As you can see below, putting the hook and snake together forms a skull. And the nose of the skull appears to be forming an outline of a volcano of some sort. It’s all very appropriately pirate-y imagery. So all you eager swashbucklers better start, I don’t know, swabbing the deck or sharpening your cutlasses or something.

Now, it’s clear that there are two more images missing here, meaning that there will be two more to count us down to the release of Season 8 on Thursday, February 28th. What are those pictures going to add? A ship in the sea? Some underwater monstrosity? A map sending players on a treasure hunt? All of the above? We’ll have to wait and see.

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