Fortnite BR Server Issues - Login Failed, One Hour Queue

Fortnite’s weekly bout of maintenance is over, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit down and play the game. Oh no. After around twelve hours of server downtime, the game has gone live again, but many are being left outside in the cold. A bunch of server issues are popping up, from “login failed” messages to one hour queues. Epic hasn’t made a statement, but we expect they’re busy trying to plug the holes.

fortnite br server issues failed login one hour queue
Fortnite BR Server Issues – Login Failed, One Hour Queue

Cannot login to Fortnite

Judging by the posts on Reddit and various social media, players across all platforms are affected by the problems. The game is preventing a lot of people from logging in, acting like they’re entering the wrong username and/or password. We’ve had this problem ourselves, and even using Epic’s one-time password feature didn’t help (the system sends you an email with a password you can use to login once).

And that’s not the only issue currently plaguing the players. There are also the ridiculous waiting times, which have balooned from ten minutes to upward of an hour. Something is amiss, but hopefully it gets fixed before long. We’ll update the article when we know more. Obviously, it doesn’t help that the servers are under a lot of strain – Thursday is when the weekly challenges go live. A bunch of fervent fans are trying to complete them as soon as possible.

This week’s challenges include searching between three boats for a star, opening up seven chests in Snobby Shores, using a vending machine (which can be quite pricey), and visiting three different taco shops in a single match. That’s quite a list of chores there, and the season is drawing to a close, so there’s probably people rushing to finish the tasks from previous weeks as well.

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