Fortnite Split Screen Not Working, When Will Split Screen be Fixed

The Fortnite split screen is not working and players wan to know when the split screen feature we’ll be fixed. That is, if it’s even broken, as the info we have at the moment suggests that it’s just been temporarily removed. Was it getting in the way of Chapter 3 launching smoothly? That might be. Whatever the case, we’ll share all we know about the subject in our Fortnite Split Screen Not Working, When Will Split Screen be Fixed guide.

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fortnite split screen not working when will split screen be fixed
Fortnite Split Screen Not Working, When Will Split Screen be Fixed

Fortnite Chapter 3 Split Screen Disabled

The split screen in Fortnite Chapter 3 has indeed been disabled, and is currently not working for anyone. Why is this? Well, nobody seems to know for sure. At the moment, all we really know comes from iFireMonkey on Twitter. The tweet reads: “Please note: Split Screen has been disabled for the launch of Chapter 3 Season 1. Epic Games plans to re-enable it as quickly as we can.” One can only assume that the developers felt it necessary to temporarily remove the option in order to guarantee a smooth launch for Chapter 3. Or, at least, to make the launch as smooth as possible. On the bright side, now we know that the split screen feature is not gone for good.

When Will Split Screen be Fixed in Fortnite Chapter 3

We just don’t know when the split screen will be fixed in Fortnite Chapter 3 now that it’s not working. In fact, I’m not really sure that it’s broken at all, as I’ve explained in the paragraph above. I just think that it’s a matter of temporarily getting it out of the way while they make sure that everything else in Chapter 3 is working properly. So, once they know everything is running as it should, they’ll bring the split screen back. When that will be is anybody’s guess at this point; I’d venture to say in a week or two. Either way, we’ll try to keep an ear to the ground and update this guide with further info.

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