Drifloon Trainers Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

The Drifloon is one of the more frustrating to get Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This is because it is only available to catch after a prolonged sequence of events. Worse yet – it only appears on a certain day of the week. Both of these have made it a very in-demand Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP. Of course, if you do not want to bother with all of this and only want to see it so that you can get that Pokedex entry, there are two Trainers in the game that have it. And, continuing with all the complexities associated with Drifloon, this is also something that will require a bit of work to do. To help you locate Trainers that have it, our Drifloon Trainers Pokemon Brilliant Diamond guide is here to tell you exactly what you should do and where to go.

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Drifloon Trainers Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Where Are the Drifloon Trainers in Pokemon BDSP

The two Trainers that have Drifloon can be encountered in the second area of Hearthome Gym. Now this is a bit complicated, so bear with us. These two Trainers are: School Kid Mackenzie and Picknicker Cheyenne. They will ask you very simple questions. If you get them right, you won’t have to battle either of them. But, this way you will also miss out on seeing Drifloon when you battle them. So, if you want to see Drifloon, what you need to do here is to purposefully select the wrong answers. After you fight Gym Leader Fantina and receive the badge, you won’t have the option of battling these two characters again, so this is something else that you need to be aware of.

If you have already progressed too far in the game and missed this chance, the only other way to see Drifloon is to encounter and battle it. You can only do this in the Valley Windworks, after you have defeated Team Galactic there and made them pack up and leave that place. Also, Drifloon only appears every Friday – in real-time as it has been adjusted to on your Switch.

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    What happens if all my pokemon are lvl 60+ and I’m trying to complete the pokedex, what happens??

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      Friday at midnight there is one floating out the wind valley

      1. U

        It does not have to be midnight

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