Place Spy Probes Locations - Fortnite Week 9 Challenge

Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 is here, and with it a new series of challenges, such as needing to place spy probes in several different locations. Continuing with this season’s overarching alien theme, these spy probes will allow you to gather intel on the aliens on behalf of Doctor Slone. There are eight possible locations where you can place these, though you only need to place three to complete this challenge. For the sake of efficiency, in this Place Spy Probes Locations – Fortnite Week 9 Challenge guide, we will tell you the three easiest locations which are closest to one another, and we will cover the rest of them in the video. This way, you can complete this very fast and earn your 30.000 XP.

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Place Spy Probes Locations - Fortnite Week 9 Challenge

Where To Place The Spy Probes

There are eight locations you can place these at. But, since we’re all about doing things as efficiently as possible, we’ve marked the three best locations for this in the screenshot below. All of these are around Retail Row. As you no doubt know, Retail Row is on the east side of the map, so aim your glider there once you exit the Battle Bus. The other locations are also in our video below.

  • Spy Probe Location #1: The first location around Retail Row where you can place a spy probe is located on a ledge near the road that leads there to the west.
  • Spy Probe Location #2: The second location where you can place a spy probe is to the north, on a hill that overlooks this Retail Row.
  • Spy Probe Location #3: The third and final location here is to the south. It’s near some trees which are near the southern road into town.
retail Row Spy Probes Locations

For other locations, you can refer to our video directly below. We hope that our Place Spy Probes Locations – Fortnite Week 9 Challenge guide has been of assistance.

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