Stuck On Checking For Updates Fortnite Fix

If you are being stuck on the “Checking for Updates” screen in Fortnite, the first thing you should know is that it’s a rather common issue. Fortnite is a live service game, and as such, it is regularly updated with new additions. New content is being added to Fornite on a weekly basis, which means there are always some new updates to download. And occasionally, problems will occur. Read on to learn why is this happening and how it can be fixed.

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Fortnite Stuck On Checking For Updates Fix
How to fix the Checking For Updates issue in Fortnite?

Fortnite Stuck on The Checking for Updates Screen

The issue with Fornite being stuck on the “Checking for Updates” screen usually appears when a new update is about to get released or is already live. Instead of finding the update, the game simply freezes with a blue screen and an infamous message. And it stays like that permanently until you restart the game. Your game client knows that it needs to download an update, but something is preventing it. And because your game is not up-to-date, you are unable to start Fornite.

One of the reasons why is this happening might be your internet connection. Thus, the first thing you need to check is if your device is properly connected to the Internet. You can do this by checking if other online games are working fine. If possible, use an Ethernet cable instead of a WiFe network. It’s both more stable and faster to download updates that way.

However, the most likely reason why is this happening is due to some issues with the game’s servers. Fortnite being frozen on the “Checking for Updates” screen usually occurs because your game can not communicate with the servers properly. If you have this issue, we advise you to check the official Fortnite Status Twitter account.

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  1. K

    I can’t login to fortnite it says checking for update what do I do ?

    1. K

      I don’t know

      1. D

        You need to restart application

  2. W

    Pleas help stop the infinite circle of doom for checking for updates it has been going on for over3 months 👁️👄👁️please help meeee

    1. G

      The solution in my case was to go into the BIOS and enable “secure boot”. If the computer is not in “secure boot” mode on startup, the game thinks the files are “untrusted” and will not recognize them, that’s why it keeps asking for an update. “Secure Boot” mode verifies the files on startup, and marks them as “trusted”, so Fortnite sees there’s all there and starts with no problem.

      You can easily see if “secure boot” is enabled on your machine by typing “System Information” in the search field of the task bar. On the page that comes up, look for “secure boot” and ensure it doesn’t say “off”. If it does, you need to go into your EUFI BIOS and click on the boot tab, disable CMS, which will make “secure boot” show so you can enable it, then save and exit, and try Fornight again once the machine has rebooted using “secure boot” mode.

      After spending 8 hours working on this for 2 days in a row, that’s what finally fixed it. Apparently something turned it off when I was in the BIOS overclocking the CPU and Memory, despite never touching the setting for “secure boot” itself.

      So, make sure “secure boot” is turned on, otherwise it will constantly ask for an update and will never run because it doesn’t trust the files, and it’s “secure boot” that marks the files as “trusted”.

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