Talk to Joneses - Fortnite Spire Quest - Where Are Jonesy Locations

Talk to Joneses is one of the Raz challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to – surprise, surprise – talk to a bunch of Jonesies. They can be found in various places around the map, and talking to them gives you the option to ask for guidance – they can give you quests, sell you stuff, activate rifts or reveal treasures and vehicles in the area. Since they do a great job of blending in with the surroundings, you might have a hard time finding them. If so, this guide will show you all Fortnite Talk to Joneses locations, so you can complete the challenge.

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fortnite joneses locations raz challenge
Talk to the Joneses – Fortnite Spire Quests – Where Are Jonesy Locations

Where to Find Joneses Locations in Fortnite

The order in which you visit them isn’t important. When you find one, talk to him – pick The Spire option, then go through the various others until the counter shows you’ve talked to one more. Here’s where you can find them:

fortnite talk to the joneses locations
  1. Rex – East from The Spire, at the campsite in the ruins
  2. Castaway Jonesy – On the tiny island northest of Steamy Stacks
  3. Grill Sergeant – Next to the grills by the Durr Burger truck east of Stealthy Stronghold, north from Pleasant Park
  4. Suntan Specialist – In the lifeguard shack on the beach in the western part of Sweaty Sands
  5. Sash Sergeant – By the swings near the pond in Weeping Woods
  6. Wreck Raider – Coral Castle, between the two buildings in the north
  7. Cabbie – In Lazy Lake, in or around the house in the southwest, the one with the cab out front
  8. Slurp Jonesy – In a factory in Slurpy Swamp, in the northeast part of the location
  9. Bunker Jonesy – Can appear in several secluded houses around the map: the one on the cliffs between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs, the one on the island southeast of Misty Meadows, or the lighthouse on the island northwest of Stealthy Stronghold



  1. L
    Lewis Eaton

    for some reason talking to jonesys isn’t working for me, so if anyone sees this i guess just stay warned

    1. F
      Frøst Arrøw

      Only certain Jonesies count towards the quest, you just have to look around for which ones do.

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