Pokemon Go Skrelp and Clauncher

Skrelp and Clauncher are two new pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Go. They first appeared during Rivals’ Week 2021, and there are multiple places where you can find them. You can even evolve Skrelp into Dragalge if you play your cards right. Sadly, there’s a bug that’s preventing some players from encountering these two, but it’s relatively easy to avoid. If you’re wondering how to catch Skrelp & Clauncher in Pokemon Go, how to evolve them or what to do when you can’t find them due to a bug, this guide will help you.

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pokemon go skrelp clauncher
Pokemon Go Skrelp and Clauncher

How to catch Skrelp in Pokemon Go

While the event is on, you’ll be able to find Skrelp in the wild, with an increased spawn rate. You can also get it in one star raids during Rivals’ Week, as well as by completing event exclusive field research tasks.

Skrelp evolution Pokemon Go

Skrelp can evolve into Dragalge. There’s no secret to the evolution process – you just have to feed it 400 candy, and it’ll transform. Better get your candy grind on.

How to catch Clauncher in Pokemon Go

During the Rivals’ Week event, you’ll have three ways to encounter a Clauncher:

  • By completing field research tasks tied to the event
  • By taking part in raids
  • Out in the wild

Its spawn rates are increased as long as the event is on, so better get on with it if you want one – it’ll probably be much harder to find once the event is over.

Skrelp and Clauncher not appearing bug Pokemon Go

A number of players have been experiencing a nasty bug that prevents them from encountering either Skrelp or Clauncher. According to Niantic’s support, these two cannot be seen on versions of the game older than 0.205. So if you haven’t updated the game in a while, you can do that. They’re working on a fix, so it shouldn’t be necessary, but the event might be over by the time they work it out.

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