Fortnite BR Telescope Locations - Comet Easter Egg

Last week’s update brought a bunch of telescopes to Fortnite Battle Royale. They’re pointing towards the sky, to what looks like a comet coming straight at us. These stargazing camps also contain tents and, more importantly, chests. There can be up to three chests per camp, which means visiting them can be really profitable. One of the most popular theories is that the scopes have something to do with this week’s events, and that the comet is going to crash into Tilted Towers at some point. If you want to inspect them yourself, you could follow our Fortnite BR telescope locations guide.

fortnite br telescope locations comet easter egg
Fortnite BR Telescope Locations – Comet Easter Egg

Where to find telescopes in Fortnite BR?

The first one you can find is in Moisty Mire. The camp is on the next to the prison, to the southwest. When we dropped there, we found two chests in the camp.

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The next one is southwest of Pleasant Park, on the mountain on the outskirts of Snobby Shores. It’s on the lower level, the plateau with the obelisks looming above it. Two chests were waiting for us when we arrived.

There’s also a camp northeast of Pleasant Park. You’ll find a purple RV and some telescopes on the hilltop there. We also found two chests, but this might not be the case for everyone.

When we landed at the camp near Wailing Woods, we found three chests. The camp is on the outskirts of the forest, to the northwest.

Another two chests are in the stargazing camp in the middle of the map, on the steep and narrow hill to the west of Dusty Depot. This one was the hardest to reach, since there always seems to be someone landing there.

The hilltop estate northwest of Fatal Fields is home to another trio of telescopes. They’re by the road leading up to the house, overlooking the farmland below.

The last one was a dud. When we landed at the RV east of Retail Row, we didn’t find a single chest. Maybe you’ll have more luck than us, here at the dirt track on the eastern edge of the map.

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