Sea of Thieves Sunken Grove Riddle Solution & Location

Sunken Grove is an island with a riddle treasure in Sea of Thieves. To find the exact spot where to dig for treasure, and complete the Sunken Grove riddle, you’ll need to find Monstrous Fangs. Considering this is an isle with a lot of animal bones, it might be a bit of a problem. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to complete the Sunken Grove riddle.

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Sunken Grove Riddle Solution and Location Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves Sunken Grove Riddle Solution & Location

NOTE: There may be more riddles that you can solve in Sunken Grove. We’ll make sure to add them when and if we run into them.

Where to find Sunken Grove?

The first line of the riddle reads: “If filthy hands are empty of coin, then on a voyage to The Sunken Grove join.” Sunken Grove is located between quadrants T-8 and U-8, near The Wilds waters. Dagger Tooth outpost is to the west, and Galleon’s Grave Outpost is to the east. There’s no tall landmarks on the island. From a distance, you can spot palm trees on the smaller islands located next to Sunken Grove. Sunken Grove, although not that large of an island, has some interesting parts, like large animal skeletons, a narrow pathway that leads to the top, and more.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Grove

Monstrous Fangs Beneath the South East Palms

The second line of the riddle says: “If at the monstrous fangs beneath the South East palms ye instruments peal, a hidden secret will reveal.” Depending on which side you come from, it can be a bit difficult to find the particular spot of the monstrous fangs. There is one group of them at the very southeast part of the island, on the shore, but this is not what’s in the riddle.

To find the right Monstrous Fangs, follow the main path in the inside of the island, which goes around the center of the island. When you are on the eastern part, a bit further from the shore, there is a group of four palm trees, two barrels, some wrecked wooden boxes, two fangs, and one skull. If you are here during the night, there is a lamp on one of the trees. The only thing you need to do now is to pull out an instrument and start playing. This will reveal the next step.

West-by-South West to the Palm Trees

The final verse of the riddle goes: “From the monstrous fangs beneath the South East palms, I wonder what this journey will yield, stride West-by-South West to the palm trees then ye shovel wield.” The exact dig location mentioned in this part of the riddle, is actually the one described in the solution in the previous section. Just stand near the skull and the fangs, follow the directions, and go near the largest nearby palm tree. Dig in front of it, and you’ll find the hidden riddle treasure.

Sea of Thieves Riddle Solution Monstrous Fangs
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