Fortnite Upgrade Benches Map Locations - Upgrade Weapon

Upgrade benches are new objects in Fortnite Chapter 2. They allow you to upgrade a weapon to a higher rarity, if you have enough materials. You can find them in pretty much any named location, but they’re relatively small and don’t really draw attention to themselves. Getting a better weapon can mean the difference between a win and a loss, which is why pretty much everyone is looking for them. If you’re having trouble finding these workstations yourself, our Fortnite upgrade benches map locations guide will show you where they are, and how to use them to upgrade a weapon.

fortnite how to use upgrade bench
Fortnite Upgrade Benches Map Locations – Upgrade Weapon

How to upgrade weapons

The upgrade bench allows you to increase the rarity of the weapons you own, effectively letting you swap lower level stuff and materials for higher level gear. You’ll need a certain amount of materials (all three kinds) for every bump. Here’s how much is required for each upgrade:

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  • Common to Uncommon (grey to green): 50 of each
  • Uncommon to Rare (green to blue): 150 of each
  • Rare to Epic (blue to purple): 250 of each
  • Epic to Legendary (purple to yellow): 350 of each

How to use upgrade benches

It’s simple, really, but it works a bit differently than you’d expect. Instead of interacting with the bench and selecting a weapon, you first have to select the weapon you want to beef up, then approach the bench. The upgrade menu will appear as a floating window, showing you how much materials you’ll need in order to perform the upgrade. If you have them, just press the appropriate button and you’ll get your new and improved weapon.

Where to find upgrade benches

fortnite upgrade bench locations

You can see the rough locations circled on the map above, and we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to reach every one of them below:

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