Use a Holiday Presents Item Fortnite Challenge

The Fortnite Use a Holiday Presents item challenge is now the talk of the town, since it’s the latest task you have to perform in this year’s Winterfest event. Of course, in order to use one of these gift items, you first need to find one. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to get a holiday present in Fortnite, as well as explain how to use it.

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fortnite use a holiday presents item challenge
Use a Holiday Presents Item Fortnite Challenge

Fortnite Use a Holiday Presents Item Challenge

To complete the Use a Holiday Presents item challenge in Fortnite, the first step is to actually find them. So, how do you do that? Well, there is no set strategy that’s going to work. Sadly, the presents are a random, ground loot spawn that you’ll just have to find by combing through the map. To make things worse, the presents are also a fairly rare item, and relatively small to boot. At least they’re fairly easy to spot when you do manage to come across one; they glow gold, after all, and their bright color really stands out from the rest of the surroundings. Other that that, though, I’m afraid you’ll just have to scour around until you bump into a present.

Now, to actually use a Holiday Presents item to complete the Fortnite challenge, you just need to throw the present as a grenade. There are two ways you can do this. You can either huck it into the distance, or at your feet. However you do it, it spawns a gigantic, house-size present that’s full of loot (even Legendary). The difference is that, if you throw it at your feet, the present will actually form around you, giving you some shelter on top of a bunch of items. So, you could theoretically throw a gift under yourself in the middle of a gunfight and give yourself a breather as well as reinforcements. If you fling the thing further away, then you’ll have to break one of the walls to enter.

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