Fortnite Visit Different Clocks Locations

Visit different clocks is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s pretty self-explanatory – in order to complete it and get the battle stars, you’ll have to find three clocks on the island. Luckily, we know just where to look. This guide will show you how to complete the Fortnite visit different clocks locations challenge.

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fortnite br visit different clocks
Fortnite Visit Different Clocks Locations

Fortnite clock locations

The most famous one is in Neo Tilted. You may remember the big clock tower in ye olde Tilted Towers. After the time-skip between last season and this one, it was replaced by a holographic digital clock, but it’s still there. You’ll find it in the southwestern part of town, next to the underpass.

The next one isn’t really a clock per se, even though it is a time-keeping device. It’s a sun dial, and you’ll find it in the desert. Go to the gas station in the desert, southeast from Fatal Fields. There’s a hill north of there, and the sundial (made from car wrecks and telephone poles) will be on top of it.

The last one’s out of comission, and you’ll find it in the home of all things discarded. It’s in Junk Junction, in the northwestern corner of the map. It’s as hard to miss as the last one, thanks to the fact the entire tower has been transported to the scrapyard. It’s to the left of the main entrance, and the clock itself is on the ground in front of the tower. So not the one propped up against the wall in the back, but the smashed one, out front.

It’s a pretty straightforwards challenge, and it shouldn’t be too hard to complete, even with the onslaught of players landing at these three locations. Since you only need to visit the places, you basically just have to survive long enough to touch the ground and you’re golden. It’s one of the easiest challenges in a long while, and challenges have generally gotten easier over time.