Pokemon Go Community Day in July Will Revolve Around Mudkip

The details of the upcoming July Community Day in Pokemon Go are now out. It’s going to take place during the evening of July 21st, and it’s going to revolve around Mudkip. During the event, Mudkip is going to appear more often, increasing the chances of catching a Shiny variant. There are other perks to the event, which we’ll cover below.

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Pokemon Go Community Day in July Will Revolve Around Mudkip
Pokemon Go Community Day in July Will Revolve Around Mudkip

Hey there, Pokemon trainers, it’s almost time for the July Community Day Event! Well, no, not really; in fact, it’s almost a month away. But, we do already have the details of what’s gonna be happening, so let’s explore that, shall we? The event is going to take place on Sunday, July 21st, starting at 4 PM and ending on 7 PM local time. It’s taking place in the evening, according to the announcement, to protect trainers from the summer heat, which I’m sure everyone is grateful for. The Pokemon in the spotlight this time around is going to be little ol’ Mudkip.

So, what can you expect from the Mudkip Community Day? Well, as is the case with all the other such events, Mudkip is going to spawn much more often in the wild, allowing you to catch a whole bunch of them. Plus, the increased rate of Mudkips that pops up increases your chance to catch a Shiny Mudkip. Oh, and capturing all those little critters will earn you a bunch of Mudkip Candies, allowing for faster evolution into Marshtomp, and even Swampert.

This is important to note, because, if you evolve a Marshtomp into Swampert during the event, or the hour after, that Swampert has a chance to know a move that it normally would not be able to learn. Also, Lure Modules are going to last for three hours, and you’ll earn three times the XP for catching Pokemon while the event is going on. So, if you’re lacking Mudkips, mark your calendars. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday evening.

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