Fortnite Visit Giant Face in Desert, Jungle & Snow Locations Weekly Challenge

Visit a Giant Face in the Desert, Jungle, & Snow is a weekly challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 Week 1. This Fortnite weekly challenge requires you to visit three different locations in distinctly different biomes – the desert, the snowy area, and the jungle, and locate three giant faces. It’s not the most difficult challenge of the bunch, but it might be causing you some trouble. Our Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge Visit Giant Face in Desert, Jungle & Snow Locations guide will show you exactly where to find these three locations, and how to complete the weekly challenge.

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Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge Visit Giant Face in Desert, Jungle & Snow Locations

Where to Find Giant Face in Desert, Jungle, Snow in Forntite Weekly Challenge?

To find the giant face in the desert, you have to go to the south of the desert area. There’s a small town at the very edge of the map, in quadrant H-10. The giant face is on the cliff side towering above the town, crowned with a bunch of buses sticking out of the mountain top. It’s fairly difficult to miss, once you know what you’re looking for. All you have to do is land as near to it as you can, or just straight-up on it.

The giant face in the snow is also at the southern edge of the map, near the line between quadrants D-10 and E-10. It’s at the very east of E-10, to be exact. Look for the snowy mountain about halfway between Happy Hamlet and the bridge leading to Lucky Landing. The face looks pretty pissed off, with icicles sticking out of the ground forming fangs. This one is a little more difficult to spot, because it kinda blends into the snow.

To find the location of the giant face in the jungle, you have to visit the brand new area, aka the volcano that has replaced Wailing Woods. The mountain you’re looking for is west of Sunny Steps, in the upper left corner of quadrant J-3. Once again, it’s precariously close to the edge of the map. There’s a yellow zip line tower above the face, if you need an extra point of orientation. Which you might, considering that this one also kinda blends into the surroundings.

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