Fortnite BR Season 8 Skins Revealed in New Trailer

Fortnite BR season 8 skins have been finally revealed. The new season starts today, and Epic have released a trailer which offers an overview. The video also shows off some of the new skins in action. I’m just gonna come out and say it – there’s a banana costume. You can dress up as a giant banana. There’s no more need for new skins, we’ve got the ultimate outfit now.

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fortnite b rseason 8 skins
Fortnite BR Season 8 Skins Revealed in New Trailer

The teasers they revealed over the past few days were pretty on the nose about the fact it’s going to be a pirate-themed season, so there’s no surprise there. The skins are all over the place, thematically, and I don’t think there’s more than two that you will look at and your first thought will be “Pirates!”. I mean, I guess a giant banana can also be a pirate, I’m not trying to be a gate keeper here. The pirate community welcomes fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes. It’s just not the typical vocation for a banana, from my experience.

Same goes for the elf with the fiery eyes. She’s not exactly your stereotypical pirate. One-eyed Ezio was a pretty obvious choice, but then you take a look at Tigerface Keyman and Lady Goldpants, and they’d look more at home in a cyberpunk street gang then here, raiding the high seas. The red ninja-person might be a pop-culture reference flying directly over my head, because I don’t see how he fits the theme at all. The snake charmer, though, I can see being a pirate.

Once the update goes live, which should be any minute now, we’ll see which ones are unlocked at the start for battle pass owners, and which ones will require actual work. More importantly, we’ll see which ones can be upgraded.

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