Fortnite BR Wailing Woods Chest Locations - Week 8 Challenge

Search chests in Wailing Woods is one of the week 8 battle pass challenges in Fallout Battle Royale. To complete it and get the prize, you’ll need to find and open seven loot chests in the thick forest in the northeast of the map. If you’re unsure where to look for them, our Fortnite BR Wailing Woods chest locations guide will show you.

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Where to find chests in Wailing Woods?

Half of the chests in the area are hidden in the hedge maze in the center of the forest. One is on the upper floor of the watchtower in the middle of the maze, while the other four are in the corners, under the four trees.

The next one is in the northeastern part of the forest. It’s in the outskirts, in the back of a purple truck.

If you land at the previous one, go straight south. After a short while, you should arrive at a camping spot. You’ll see a tent, a log and a big, orange RV. The chest will be near them.

If you go to the southwestern part of the woods, you’ll come across another spawn location. It’s on the edge of the forest, atop a red RV with a tent near it.

Directly north of there, in the far western area, you’ll find another chest. It’s in the back of a blue pick-up truck that’s parked near a small shed.

The last chest is in the northwestern part of the forest. There’s a picnic spot there, on the very edge, with two RVs hastily parked nearby. The chests spawns on the wooden table.

And that’s all of them. Not every chest will spawn each time, so you’ll probably have to land at least a few times to get them all. Additionally, a bunch of people will be gunning for them, so get ready for some competition.



  1. J

    That actually helped a lot, did it in 4 drops, one of which I carried on the game and won!

    1. T

      Why is you lying, no one wins at Wailing Lol

      1. T

        Why is you lying?

        1. T

          I just did lol

  2. D

    Great thx for the help – Dickhead

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    Everybody is dropping there so you is a liar

  4. O

    Just play solo squad, squads won’t go there

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      That’s actually a great idea!

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