GTA Online Gets HVY Menacer & Declasse Scramjet In New Update

It’s time for another GTA Online update, and you know what that means – more vehicles to spend your hard-earned GTA bucks on, a bunch of silly skins and a new game mode. Sadly, it’s just a remix of an older game mode, but it’s still something to sink your teeth into between bouts of senseless murder and endless loading screens.

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gta online scramjet
GTA Online Gets HVY Menacer & Declasse Scramjet In New Update

The first vehicle is the HVY Menacer (GEDDIT?), an SUV with armor plating and a roof-mounted .50 cal machine gun. You can buy it from the Warstock Cash & Carry, and it looks like a great thing if you’re looking to grief a bunch of people with a buddy or two.

The Declasse Scramjet, on the other hand, looks like one of those weird cars they drive in the desert when they want to beat the world speed record. It’s like a cross between an old Aston Martin and a bullet. The wording in the description is a bit muddled, but it seems like it also has vertical thrusters, which will allow you to propel it into the air. Either way, it’s a fancy new toy, and you can get it from your local Warstock Cash & Carry.

Finally, there’s the new game mode – Hunting Pack Remix. It’s like that movie with Keanu Reeves where he’s on a bus, and bus is rigged to blow if the speed drops below a certain point. Except it’s you instead of Keanu, a truck instead of a bus, and the speed is probably a bit higher than in the film. Once you reach the goal, the bomb magically disarms itself, so you only need to play the hero for a while.

As for the skins, you can grab two for the Humvee if you log in one of these days, along with a couple of camo liveries for a chopper and another aircraft. It’s not much, but hey, it’s free.

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