Fortnite BR Week 3 Challenges Bug - Unlocks in Zero Seconds

Week 3 battlepass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale were supposed to go live less than an hour ago, but there seems to be an issue. A lot of players are reporting being unable to see them, and getting a message that simply says “unlocks in 0 seconds”. Since everyone is eager to get a head start on finding the Flush Factory treasure map, opening chests in Fatal Fields and shooting the clay pigeons, it’s understandable that those who can’t are unhappy.

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fortnite br week 7 challenges bug
Fortnite BR Week 3 Challenges Bug – Unlocks in Zero Seconds

Week 3 challenge unlocks in 0 seconds

If the reports on Reddit and other community channels are anything to go by, the issue is pretty widespread. If you’re affected, you could try restarting the game, or your system, but there seems to be no solution. It’s most probably a server side bug, and the developers will have to fix it before you can start completing those challenges. This already happened once, in the previous season, and players had to wait for Epic to fix it.

In the meantime, why not take care of some of the previous weeks’ tasks? If you haven’t kept up, there’s quite a number of season 5 battlepass challenges you won’t be able to finish just by playing. Sure, a lot of them are just doing damage with a certain weapon, or opening chests in a certain location – those are things you’re eventually going to accomplish without even trying.

On the other hand, some are nigh impossible to tick off without serious effort. For example, the ones with treasure maps. It’s hard to imagine a situation you end up near a star without actively looking for it. Fortunately, you have time until the season is over, which won’t happen for another couple of months. You can leave this week’s challenges for later – a patch is bound to unlock them soon enough, and you won’t have to deal with the onslaught of people.

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  1. S

    unlocks in 0 seconds

  2. T

    I tried restarting the game and on my system but i still have it

    1. T

      I tried restarting my hole PlayStation I’m gonna see if it worked now I’ll let u know if it did

  3. O

    I reinstaled game,waited for 30 min do download 9.25GB and still 0 sec

  4. S

    It happend to me i need help

    1. K

      Ise elinas?

      1. P

        Εγώ είμαι

  5. O

    I’ve restarted my Xbox if anybody fixes it please tell me because all my friends have it and I went on my friends account and they work in his acount but not mine

    1. W

      U cant its a bug in fortnite if ur going to half to wait
      For the next update

  6. S

    It doesnt work for me too nooo im tier 80


      1. T

        when you’re at tier 87 and you need 1k xp to get the elite agent 😀

  7. J

    this is just ridiculous , my other account has the challenge unlocked but i tried everything and it still says 0 seconds seriously wtf. So the fortnite servers are always fucking messed up , some stupid waiting que crap and now i can’t even do the challenges i’ve been waiting for? i’ve already done all the other ones , i better get compensated for this stupidity

    1. M
      Me to there fucked

      Me too there fucked I want 10000 v bucks

    2. T
      Timothy McNamara

      Haha, special snowflake here needs compensation for a patch not working? It’s a free game, still in beta. You don’t need compensation, or even really deserve It. Not just you specifically; there’s alot of complaining in this thread, y’all need to suck it up. Smh.

  8. M

    Me too i have this problem i hate fortnite now

  9. T
    Tyler ward

    This is pissing me off, these challenges we’re literally gonna put me at tier 100 today!!!

  10. J

    0 second please fix bug

  11. J
    Jay Burke

    Really fucking annoying, I’m so close to the reaper skin and then this shit happens..this game seems to always have something wrong with it.

  12. F
    Fuck epic games

    This is bullshit

  13. U

    Im gonna go skatty in a minutes

  14. T

    Still nothing after 2 hours of it going live. 0 seconds :-(.

  15. M

    I’m a tier 82 and I get all my challenges done in a day and I was so excited to get elite agent but now sadly I can’t this is very annoying

  16. O

    Why does this happen there was a bug last night at 4 so no 1 could play game and now my battle pass challenge don’t work…. There must be some alternative….

    1. B

      That wasn’t a bug it was scheduled maintenance, it said on the lobby screen

  17. F

    Still stuck on 0 secs… fix it please…

  18. F

    ok so i see a lot of people are angry and want to get xp have you tried getting some fucking kills

    1. W
      what are you on about

      whaat ? i need the stars to get my tiers where did xp come out of tf?

  19. I

    When ur tier 95 and need 1 more set of challenges to get reaper but can’t !

  20. K

    I’m playing on PS4 and I was having the problem too.
    I started a game and played it till I died and then I could see the challenges.

  21. R

    Playing a game fixed it for me.

  22. R
    Rhys Doak

    I just checked and the week 5 challenges will be release on 31/5 at 4am ET

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