Genshin Impact 1.3 Update Coming Out in February

Update 1.3 in Genshin Impact is the upcoming new content that the developers are bringing to the game, including a new character, an in-game event, more places to explore, and much, much more. That being the case, fans are all wondering: when is the 1.3 Genshin Impact update coming out? After all, any new content is always a reason to celebrate in games like these, especially a chunky update like this. Well, let’s answer that question, shall we?

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genshin impact 1 3 update coming out in february
Genshin Impact 1.3 Update Coming Out in February

When is 1.3 Genshin Impact Coming Out

The 1.3 Genshin Impact update is coming out on Wednesday, February 3rd. Of course, your local release date of the 1.3 update in Genshin will also depend on your time zone. Depending on where you live, things might vary widely. For example, if you live in the US, you’ll get to play the new content on what for you will be February 2nd. That’s the magic of time zones for you.

As for the upcoming in-game event that’s tied to Update 1.3, the Lantern Rite Festival, we don’t know when exactly it will start at the time of writing. That remains to be seen. However, we do know some details about what new content awaits, so let’s get into that a little.

For one, you can look forward to unlocking a new Adeptus character called Xiao. There’s also been a lot of talk about another potential new character, Hu Tao, but we don’t have any official info on them. Maybe that’ll all end up being wishful thinking, at least, as far as Update 1.3 goes. We’ll just have to wait and see.

When it comes to the overall geography of Genshin Impact, Update 1.3 is not going to add any new regions. However, it is going to expand upon the explorability of already existing areas. What I mean by that is that there will be new things to see and do in locations that you’ve already visited, which is arguably as good, certainly good enough.

Then, of course, there are the events. You’ll be able to play the new minigame called Theater Mechanicus, but far more important is the aforementioned Lantern Rite Festival, which will likely revolve around making wishes and the new character, Xiao. During the event, you’ll be able to earn valuable rewards, possibly including up to 1600 Primogems, and choose between several four-star characters: Chongyun, Ningguang, Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Xinyan.

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