AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood

Mistress of the Iron Wood in AC Valhalla is a quest that you’ll have to complete when you arrive in Jotunheim. Doing the Mistress of the Iron Wood in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requires you to first find the secret house of Angrboda. Then, you have to figure out where to find and how to enter a hidden waterfall. After all that’s done, you’ll be tasked to find three roots. It’s quite the adventure, with several elements that are likely to stump you. So, to help you on your journey, here’s our AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood guide.

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AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood

Where to Find Mistress of the Iron Wood AC Valhalla – Angrboda & Waterfall Location

To find the Mistress of the Iron Wood AC Valhalla quest, you have to figure out the location of the giantess Angrboda. She’s in a location called Heart of the Wood. You can see where her exact location is in the screenshots below. The trick is that her house doesn’t appear unless you look at it from a specific place. Otherwise, it just looks like a giant root. Specifically, you have to walk around to the west side of the root. There’s a platform there, and walking towards it should reveal the house. If it doesn’t try walking past one of the nearby trees, then back. Once you reveal the house, walk up the root on the right, and when you come to the “crossroots,” head right. At the end of the root, jump onto the platform below and to the left, and walk into the house.

The first step of the AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood quest is to find a hidden waterfall. It’s to the southwest of the Heart of the Woods, and the location is called Leyna Falls. However, when you arrive at the correct place, you’ll notice that there’s no waterfall. What you have to do to reveal it is to walk to the wall between the two braziers. Look around you; you’ll find it easily. Just make sure to walk through the gateway. Then, turn around, and the waterfall should be there. So, walk to the edge and leap into the hole.

How to Complete AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood Quest – Where to Find Roots?

To complete the Mistress of the Iron Wood quest in AC Valhalla, you have to find three roots in the cave you just entered. The roots are called Hag’s Claw, by the way,and can only be found aroud red moss. The first step is to go through the cave until you reach a small lake. Swim across it towards the hole in the southwest. As soon as you swim through the hole, you’ll find a bit of rock on your right. Climb onto it, and that’s where you’ll find the first root. Then, proceed through the cave, up the incline, and through the crack. Look to your right to find the second root.

For the third root that you need to complete AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood, head up the root on the left, then hop onto the root on the left. Follow it to the end, and go through the blue doorway on the right. Go down that path, and you’ll find the red moss and the third root on your left. All you have to do now is go and report back to Angrboda, and you’re done.

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