Genshin Impact 2.3 Beta Sign-Up & Release Date

While Genshin Impact 2.3 is still a long time from being released, you can already enter the beta sign-up which will prepare you for when the full release date arrives. This way, you will be able to experience the 2.3 content ahead of most other players. And, while you probably won’t be able to publicly discuss this, if you are really curious as to what 2.3 will bring, then this is the perfect way to sate your curiosity. To learn how to do this, keep on reading our Genshin Impact 2.3 Beta Sign-Up & Release Date guide. Here, we will tell you all of the steps you need to perform to get in.

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Genshin Impact 2.3 Beta Sign-Up & Release Date

Genshin Impact 2.3 Beta – How to Sign Up

As with most announcements, this one was also made on the official Genshin Impact Discord. To participate in the 2.3, the Google Form sign-up can be found here. Please note that you only have until Thursday, September 16th at 10 PM EST to apply. After that, there will be no more sign-up applications. Besides this, you also need to fulfil some other requirements as well. For starters, you need to be at least 18 years old. You also need to submit a valid government-issued piece of identification (such as your drivers license, Passport, or other ID). Finally, you need to be a member of the official Genshin Impact Discord. You can join it here. When you join this, make sure that you are able to receive messages from the Server.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Release Date

Genshin Impact updates have always been released every six weeks on Wednesdays up until now, and we have no reason to believe that 2.3 will be any different. Since 2.2 will be releasing on October 13th 2021, 2.3 should release on November 24th, 2021. Of course, there is always the chance that this will be changed for whatever reason, but if it does, we will notify you on time.

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