Activate the Mechanism - Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Genshin Impact Activate the Mechanism in Relics of Serai is a step in the Fujiwara Toshiko puzzle quest where you’ll have to solve three puzzles by stepping on the pressure plates in the correct order. Now, the first problem here is figuring out what is the correct order of symbols to follow. If you’re not paying attention to the clues you get, you can easily miss that part. Even if you do know what you need to do, actually solving the puzzles can still be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

activate the mechanism genshin impact relics of seirai
Activate the Mechanism – Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Genshin Impact Activate the Mechanism – Fujiwara Toshiko Puzzle

To activate the mechanism on Genshin Impact Relics of Serai, the first step is to stand on the three pressure plates in the correct order. Step on the middle one first, then the one on the right, and lastly the one on the left. Memorize these symbols and their order (as revealed in Fujiwara Toshiko’s Treasure Map), because they’ll be crucial in solving the rest of the puzzles. Drop down into the basement that is now opened, and get ready for the first real head-scratcher.

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The trick to completing the puzzle is to walk in a way that you always step on the three symbols in the order you did above: first the one that looks like a “t”, then the one that looks like a “w”, an then the one that kinda looks like an “H.” To do that, you’ll need to walk in a spiral. Check out the screenshot below to see how to do it.

Activate the Mechanism Again Genshin Impact

To activate the Genshin Impact Relics of Serai mechanism again, you need to follow the same pattern. However, the order of the symbols on the floor has changed, making things a little more difficult. You kinda have to serpentine, starting from the outside, weaving towards the center, and then to the outside again. It’s pretty difficult to explain, so I’m just gonna direct you immediately to the screenshot below. Once you complete the puzzle, the treasure chest will pop open, and then, well… I’m not gonna say what happens. I’ll leave that for you to discover. You’re only getting the solution to the puzzle.

relics of serai how to activate mechanism again genshin impact
Second puzzle solution
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