All Metal Key Locations - Jinren Island Chest & Dog Cage Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact metal key locations on Jinren Island are places where you can find the keys used to unlock cages dotted around the island, such as the dog cage and the chest cage. These metal keys are pretty hard to find, because you can’t really see where they are. To make things worse, they’re hidden away in bunches of boxes scattered across the “construction sites” on Jinren Island. However, opening these cages is very beneficial, because the rewards are worth the trouble. That’s why we’ll show you where to find the keys in our All Metal Key Locations – Jinren Island Chest & Dog Cage Genshin Impact guide.

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all metal key locations jinren island chest & dog cage genshin impact
All Metal Key Locations – Jinren Island Chest & Dog Cage Genshin Impact

Where to Find Genshin Impact All Metal Key Locations on Jinren Island

To find all metal key locations on Jinren Island in Genshin Impact, you need to look around the “construction sites” dotted across the place. One is to the northwest of the dog cage. Climb up the ladder to the boxes with a lantern on them, and that’s where the first key will be. The second one can be found on the east side of the smaller of the two islands. Climb up until you find a single, large box with a coil of rope on it. That’s where the second key is.

The third key is on the northeast side of the bigger island, also on top of a bunch of boxes. Same goes for the fourth key, except it’s on the east side of the island. Check out the images below to see exactly where they are.

How to Unlock Jinren Island Dog Cage Genshin Impact

To unlock the Genshin Impact dog cage on Jinren Island, you have to find any of the metal key locations we’ve described above. It’s not a situation where you have to find a specific key for a specific lock; whichever key you’ve picked up, it will work. So, just interact with the dog’s cage, and you’ll get a prompt to use the key on it. So, do just that, and the poor puppy will be out. This will reward you with the “Who Let the Dogs Out” hidden achievement, which is pretty cool in its own right. More importantly, if you follow the dog for a bit, it will lead you to the location of a Precious Chest, so don’t immediately bail after setting it free.

how to unlock dog cage genshin impact jinren island
Dog cage location

How to Open Genshin Impact Jinren Island Chest Cage

To open the chest cage on Jinren Island in Genshin Impact, once again, you just need to find any of the metal key locations. As we’ve explained above, these keys are a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so either will do just fine. After you’ve picked up one of them, head straight for the location of the chest cage and interact with it. Use the metal key on it after the game prompts you to do so, and the chest is your for the taking. There’s no hidden achievement here, but it is an Exquisite Chest, so expect to see some pretty decent loot fall out.

jinren island how to unlock chest cage genshin impact
Chest cage location
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