Observe Mikage Furnace - Tatara Tales Genshin Impact

In the Tatara Tales questchain in Genshin Impact, you will be required to observe the Mikage Furnace. This is the first part of the larger Tatara Tales chain. Through it you will, for example, be able to unlock the Shakkei Pavilion, so it’s a very beneficial quest. Like many other quests in the Inazuma update, solving it isn’t particularly easy. In order to help you tackle this quest as fast as you can, we have written this Observe Mikage Furnace – Tatara Tales Genshin Impact guide.

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Observe Mikage Furnace - Tatara Tales Genshin Impact

How To Observe The Mikage Furnace

You will receive this quest from Xavier. He will task you with observing 3 Mikage Furnaces. These three locations will then be marked on your map. When you approach one of these purple barriers, you will have the option to investigate right in front of it. When you have done so, you can then move on to the next Mikage Furnace. The westernmost Mikage Furnace is simple enough – just go there, defeat the enemies in front of it and investigate it. The second, middle one, is far more complicated. It is also guarded by enemies, but these are the least of your concern. Destroy them and then Summon Electrogranum. There is an Electro Seelie here, and you will need to trigger it while under the effect of the Electrogranum a couple of times. After that, you will be able to investigate this Furnace as well.

The third and final Mikage Furnace you have to observe is to the southeast. You will see that it is under a big circular barrier. A short distance away from it, you will be able to summon an Electrogranum. Use it to get inside the barrier where you will find the last point you need to investigate. Report back to Xavier, who will give you the next step in this questchain.

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