All Stone Slate Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Puzzle

Tsurumi Island, the newest island added to Genshin Impact in the 2.2 update, is home to several stone slate puzzles. Seven, in fact. These are all part of the “Octave of the Maushiro” quest in which you will need to solve the mystery of the stones. This particular quest is very important, since this is where you will get the Peculiar Pinion Feather Gadget, and you will need this gadget to interact with the Thunderbird carvings (they look like owl statues) to complete these puzzles. If you are unsure how to solve these puzzles, our All Stone Slate Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Puzzle guide will explain what you need to do for each one.

All Stone Slate Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Puzzle

North Shirikoro Peak Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

All Stone Slate Tsurumi Island Puzzle Puzzle Locations
All Stone Slate Tsurumi Island Puzzle Puzzle Locations.

The first puzzle is on the northern point of Shirikoro Peak. Approach the Owl Statue and interact with it. The trick here is that you will need to move the stones so that they match up with the symbol behind them. Move them to the positions in our screenshot down below. Once you have done this correctly, a chest will appear, containing a stone slate.

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Shirikoro Peak Grotto Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

This puzzle is in the grotto of Shirikoro Peak, directly southeast from the first puzzle. Approach the grotto and jump inside. You will see another Owl Statue surround by rocks. Interact with it. This will reveal the symbols on the rocks. You now need to hit these five rocks in the pattern we’ve marked in the screenshot. After that, another chest will pop up, and inside of it will be the second stone slate.

West Wakukau Shoal Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

This moving stone puzzle is very similar to the first one. You will find it on a small island to the west of Wakukau Shoal. Like before, the goal here is to have the stones match the symbols. You can see how it’s supposed to look like when finished in our screenshot.

Mt Kanna Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

This is a very complicated puzzle. Once you interact with an Owl Statue here, three Seelies will appear. Follow each one and they will lead you to a location where you can pick up a Mysterious Stone. Once you have all three Mysterious Stones, look for where the Seelies are at, and place the stones there. This will now reveal symbols on the wall. You need to shoot the stones behind these symbols in that sequence on the wall, from left to right.

Wakukau Shoal Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

This puzzle is located on a small atoll in the Wakukau Shoal area, directly below the Moshiri Ceremonial Site. Approach the Thunderbird Carving and use your Peculiar Pinion on it. An Electro Seelie will appear. Follow it and glide down. Here, you will find another Owl Statue, which will reveal the correct pattern you need to use on the stones upside. Return there, and hit the stones in the order we’ve marked in the screenshot.

Chirai Shrine Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

The penultimate Stone Slate puzzle is at the Chirai Shrine. You know the drill, use your Feather Gadget to activate the Owl Statue. Inside the ruins here, there is a mechanism. Once you activate it, it will reveal the order in which you need to activate the stones outside. Take a look at our screenshot for the precise sequence. Once you’ve done this correctly, another chest will appear, with another Stone Slate inside.

North of Moshiri Ceremonial Site Stone Slate Puzzle Location & Solution

The final puzzle. Once you solve this, you will have all 7 Stone Slates in your possession. Go to the location we’ve marked down below. There are several Thunderbird Carvings here, and they will reveal symbols once you use the Peculiar Pinion gadget on them. Hit the rocks in the order from our picture. A chest containing the final Stone Slate will appear after that.

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