Assemble The Tower Of The Void Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2.5 is here and with it – plenty of new content that players can undertake. Of course, this also includes new quests. One of these is Part 1 Of Three Realms Gateway Offering, in which you will need to Assemble the Tower of the Void. Of course, Genshin Impact being Genshin Impact, there’s more to this than meets the eye. If you are having trouble with this particular quest, our Assemble The Tower Of The Void Genshin Impact guide will show you how to complete it.

Assemble The Tower Of The Void Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Assemble The Tower of the Void

To be able to Assemble this Tower, you will need to collect the following items first: x10 Husk Gems, x5 Aphotium Ore, and x5 Tokoyo Legume. All of these can be found near the area where the Tower itself is. So, first explore the area surrounding it to collect enough of these. Next, standing directly in front of the Tower, you will see a rock next to it with three purple symbols in descending order. These are the symbols that you need to set the tower to for it to activate.

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So, while you are still looking at the tower directly, go to the Tower Controller to the left. Approach it and activate it using x5 Aphotium Ore. Then, rotate it two times. With this Tower Controller set up correctly, move to the next one. This is the one directly across to the right from the left Tower Controller. Activate it x5 Tokoyo Legume. Rotate it two times as well. Finally, go to the last Tower Controller, which is right in front of the previous one. You can activate it if you have x10 Husk Gems. Rotate it once. Now The Tower Of The Void is set up in the correct position and you will be able to climb up it.

the assembled tower of the void
The assembled Tower of the Void.
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