Lost Ark Raid Bulletin Board Location

The Lost Ark Raid Bulletin Board location is a part of the Find the Guardian quest, in which you need to “go to the Raid Bulletin board in the city.” There are several potential problems here. For one, some of you might not know where the bulletin board is in the first place. Then, once you do arrive on location, you might not be able to actually start the raid. Luckily, you can work around it, and we’ll show you how.

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lost ark raid bulletin board location
Lost Ark Raid Bulletin Board Location

Go to the Raid Bulletin Board in the City Lost Ark

To complete the “Go to the Raid Bulletin board location in the city” in the Lost Ark Find the Guardian quest, you have to go to a Raid Bulletin board, find more players to go onto the raid with, and, ultimately, defeat Ur’nil. However, before you do all that, you have to meet the criteria of going onto the raid. By that, I mean you need to reach Level 50 and complete the quest called “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate.” Once that’s done, you can go to, say, the Guardian Raid bulletin board in Vern Castle, which we’ve marked for you in the screenshot below. Now, some of you might still encounter some problems at this point, so let’s see what you can do about them.

go to the raid bulletin board in the city lost ark
Vern Castle bulletin board location (click to zoom in)

If you’re having trouble completing the Lost Ark “Go to the Raid Bulletin Board in the city” step of the Find the Guardian quest, even though you know the location of the Guardian Raid board, it might not be a bug. Open your inventory and scroll through your quest items. There should be a scroll that you have to interact with to “sign” the document. After you do that, talk to the NPC standing next to the bulletin board, and you should be good to go. If that isn’t working, abandon the quest and go back to the character selection screen. Go back into the game, find the mission in the quest log and track it again. That should fix it.

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