8 Rotating Cubes Puzzle Watatsumi Island Bourou Village - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island 8 Rotating Cubes Puzzles are puzzles in which you have to rotate the electro blocks so that each of them faces a specific direction. However, the problem is figuring out the rules that you have to use in order to figure out the correct orientation of every block. Once you know how it all works, it’s relatively easy, but even then, you might get stumped. So, in our Bourou Village cube puzzles Genshin Impact guide, we’ll show you how the puzzles work and give you a detailed breakdown of how to solve them all.

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bourou village electro cube puzzles genshin impact
Bourou Village Electro Cube Puzzles – Genshin Impact

How to Solve Watatsumi Island Electro Rotating Cube Puzzles – Genshin Impact

To solve the Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island Bourou Village rotating cube puzzles, you need to turn them in a specific way so that every line has a total of fifteen points. How is this even calculated? Well, it depends on which direction the electro symbol is facing. Here’s the breakdown: north is one point, east is two, south is three, and west is four. If a block has another, smaller stone on it, it’s worth four points more. Lastly, if there’s a block missing in the grid, that spot carries nine points.

In the first puzzle, here’s what the setup is supposed to be. With your character facing north, the bottom row blocks need to face in the following directions: bottom right east, bottom middle south, bottom left east. Middle row: middle right north, center north, middle left is missing. Lastly, the top row: top right west, top middle south, top left west. Collect the treasure chest.

The second of the Bourou Village electro cube puzzles in Genshin Impact puzzle works exactly the same. So, let’s dive straight in. Again, with the character facing north, bottom row positions: bottom right east, bottom middle north, bottom left west. Middle row: middle right south, center north, middle left south. Top row: top right east, top middle is missing, top left west. Open the chest.

Lastly, the third puzzle. You know the drill – character facing north, the bottom row positions are as follows: bottom right west, bottom middle south, bottom left west. Middle row: middle right north, center north, middle left is missing. Top row: top left east, top middle south, top right east. Get the chest and be on your way.

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